The Magic Flute - Warszawska Opera Kameralna (Warsaw Chamber Opera) - 21 June 2018

Photography Jarosław Budzyński 

'A work of art is a king, one must wait to be addressed by it. One must take trouble over it, one must take time.'                                                                                                         Wilhelm Furtwängler Notebooks 1924-1954

This review may appear late and therefore irrelevant, but Die Zauberflöte always gives me pause for nostalgic reflection and the deepest thought.  Of course a music review should deal with a specific performance rather then the music itself. However in this magical, magisterial opera and its depiction of the 'moving toyshop of the heart', the music always transcends the performers in a twinkling of stars. I confess I did not have the psychological strength to write about it until now. This beautifully balanced, poised and innocent performance overwhelmed me with reminiscences from…

28th Mozart Festival, Warsaw. 16th June - 14th July 2018 - Opening Concert

Opening Concert Lutosławski Radio Studio Warsaw, 16 June, 19.00  
Perhaps it is a truism to observe that in life everything is in a state of constant flux at the sub-atomic, micro and macro levels. In quantum mechanics the nature of light has proven to be both particle and wave. Meditation on this mystery indicates one must always move forward in life or it fades away like day into night. Even the artistic nature of the Warszawska Opera Kameralna must obey such laws of physical evolution. Tonight I listened and watched a valiant attempt to maintain in spirit and professionalism, a glorious past operatic tradition in Warsaw. Inevitably for those old enough to remember, the ghost of the founder and former artistic director of the company, Stefan Sutkowski, hovered over the proceedings, in the main rather benignly.

Mozart and his immortal music is bound to survive in this rejuvenated capital of a country that once did not even appear on maps but was merely a state of mind within the psyche …

Seductive Abductions - Die Entführung aus dem Serail - Mozart - Warsaw Chamber Opera 21 April 2018

Initially I think it interesting and instructive to briefly examine the rather exotic Polish-Turkish relations of the past. You may have already read this on a previous post but it remains extremely relevant and you may  have already come across it.

Over the centuries this fascinating and involved subject has had a profound influence on Polish history. This was especially true in the 17th century at the spectacular Siege and subsequent Battle of Vienna (12th September 1683) that witnessed the victory of the Polish Husaria or Winged Cavalry under the command of King Jan Sobieski over the vastly superior military forces of the Ottoman Empire under the Grand Vizier Merzifonlu Kara Mustafa Pasha. 
Historic relations between the two countries were initiated around 1414 with a Polish mission to the Ottoman Empire. Many wars followed over territorial claims in the Back Sea region. This was balanced in a way by supportive collaboration against the Habsburgs and the emerging Grand Duchy of Musco…