Warsaw Uprising Recollections - 77th Anniversary of the Conflagration of Warsaw, 17.00 August 1st.1944

  The conflagration of Warsaw 17.00 August 1st.1944 The abandoned.... The valiant men... This uprising must never be forgotten and will not be despite the indelible controversy surrounding it This is a nation of truly remarkable Polish women  Independent, powerful, determined, loyal, intelligent, courageous,  and  beautiful... And their children..... Extract from: Chapter 4 ' Warsaw the Phoenix ' from  A Country in the Moon: Travels in Search of the Heart of Poland  by Michael Moran (Granta, London 2009) English version       (Version in Polish in green) Abandoned by the Allies in thrall Stalin, the effort was valiant but hopeless.  Essentially the Warsaw Rising of August 1944 was fought against the SS and the Wehrmacht by the Army in blazing buildings, cataracts of rubble and stinking sewers by adult, youth and child. For two months a kilometer-high pall of smoke and fire lay over the city. John Ward, a British airman and Times correspondent during the Uprising wrote in August

76th International Chopin Festival in Duszniki-Zdrój, 6-14 August 2021

  Statement on the 76th Festival by the Artistic Director  Piotr Paleczny Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I again have the honour to welcome all the magnificent and steadfast friends of the Duszniki Festival. Today we inaugurate the Chopin Festival for the 76th time. Unfortunately, we again meet in Duszniki in conditions that only vaguely remind what we have become accustomed to over all these years. Just like a year ago, the festival we’ve prepared was ridden with massive uncertainty, amongst the dynamic changes of the pandemic, extreme emotions, and concerns, but also the hope that we will perhaps succeed with what we have found a highly risky task, at times downright unfeasible. I hope that after a range of the necessary corrections of the previous assumptions, the festival will finally follow its final plan. I would like to apologise for all the inconveniences, hindrances, and surprising situations that may occur due to the continuing pandemic. All the limitations and the