Final Report and Highlights of the 1st International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments. Warsaw 2–14 September 2018

Final Report on 1st International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments  Warsaw  2–14 September 2018

For photographs of the instruments used and more detailed, fully illustrated reviews of each participant and each piece at eachcompetition stage:

A Different Virtuosity

Report on the 1st International Chopin Competition on Period Instruments 2-14 September 2018

Michael Moran Preamble

The mystery of instrumental sound and performance before recording has become an irresistible lure in classical music. Even before 1800 musicians were becoming increasingly interested in the nature of 'ancient music' if not so much in the manner in which it was performed. Dr. Pepusch (1667-1752) in London helped form the original Academy of Ancient Music around 1730 to study Palestrina, Byrd, Morley and other early composers. He is best remembered for arranging the tunes and composing the overtures for John Gay's Beggar’s Opera (1728). Baron Gottfried van Swieten contributed t…