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The passing of Nelson Freire, modest and refined titan of the piano, 1 November 2021, All Saints Day

The unexpected passing of Nelson Freire on November 1st, All Saints Day 2021, was deeply shocking for all who loved this immeasurably modest and refined titan of the piano.  Last night I listened to his 2017 recording of the Brahms Intermezzi which were profoundly and movingly affecting in the circumstances. This was especially true of that in A-major Op.118 No.2 Andante teneramente which had me in tears.  An intense and poignant musical farewell to life.  All I can do as a tribute is offer my reviews of his playing heard in Duszniki Zdroj and at the Warsaw Chopin i jego Europa Festival  together with the intimate companion of his soul, Martha Argerich. This filmed informal meeting between two close friends, Nelson Freire and Martha Argerich, is intensely moving in view of the terrible occurrence of his sudden death. 9th CHOPIN AND HIS EUROPE FESTIVAL ( Chopin i jego Europa ) from Chopin to LutosÅ‚awski 15th August - 1st September 2013 Nelso