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Biden Visit - Poland once more the Bastion of Freedom in Europe

No further comment is possible for me on the situation in Ukraine ….. appalled yet again at human irrationality and the limitless capacity for murderous cruelty ... However the generosity of Poland just now is another story altogether 'For your freedom and ours' The great Polish rallying battle cry through the ages The music of Chopin, as always, expresses the full range of my fraught emotions at this terrible time. To understand Poland a little better, only if you have time, dip into and My immediate response to Biden’s resonant and historic speech at the Royal Castle, Warsaw, March 26th 2022: 'Almost a debilitating sadness that this is happening all over again.' '...the darkness that drives autocracy is ultimately no match for the flame of liberty that lights the souls of free people everywhere. Time and again history shows that it's from t