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Grigory Sokolov Warsaw Sunday 27 November 2016

This morning I try to write the account of a musical evening engraved indelibly on my heart and mind. Those of you who read my extensive notes know I can usually write quite rationally about music but this morning....I am still vibrating with what was presented to us... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata C-dur KV 545 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Fantasia c-moll KV 475 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sonata c-moll KV 457 Robert Schumann –  Arabeske  op. 18 Robert Schumann –  Fantazja  C-dur op. 17  How can words describe the overwhelming, profound experience of this great musical soul revealing itself.... All the Mozart was played far slower and at a more meditative tempo particularly K 457. Here was a thinking and deeply introspective, even philosophical Mozart. Ornamentation and inner details revealed as never before. The  C-minor Fantasia emerged as an improvisation of thought, searching for, touching upon harmonies and shifting emotions as an opaque sun is intermittent