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Edward Cahill - The Pocket Paderewski - First Draft of my biography of the artist is now complete

Click on photographs for a superior result    Edward Cahill at 24 Edward Cahill in performance at Montreux 1935   Edward Cahill retired to  Monte-Carlo in 1961.  This view of the port is from the  The Trophy of Augustus  at the village of La Turbie 2010 I have not been idle and simply driving classic cars around the summer  countryside  and living a generally  hedonistic  and sybaritic lifestyle. I do work but not all day! There are many postings on this blog over a number of years concerning the progress of the biography of Edward Cahill. For the few people who may be interested in my progress in  putting  together the vast jigsaw that is the life of my great-uncle the  Australian  concert pianist, I chilled the first bottle of champagne in preparation to  celebrate  the completion of the final Chapter 20.  This has now been drunk  to celebrate my completion of the first draft of this monumental task which has taken me almost 6 years labour so far.

Summer Picnic - June 9th 2014

For some reason I have been rather involved with my classic cars and driving recently. Must be the glorious weather.  I have always been a passionate picnic person and when I was living in Marylebone in London (for 30 years up till 2004) I spent hundreds of weekends visiting National Trust country houses and having picnics both in summer and winter (but with different food and wine of course). The countryside in Poland is not so regulated and privately divided as in the UK and picnics are still an absolute delight here with little fear of trespass.  Sunday was gloriously sunny and 32C so out I went in the MG TC. Rather than repeat myself here read about the excursion on this link