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Christmas Concert by the Karski Quartet, Somianka Manor, Poland - Sunday, December 17th 2023 at 2.30pm

Somianka Manor Somianka Park The mansion (referred to by the owner Pawel Esse amusingly as 'my little cottage') has an interesting history. It was designed in the first half of the nineteenth century (around 1833) on the foundations of an old convent by the architect Adam Idźkowski. He was the architect of the reconstruction the Cathedral of St. John in Warsaw built in the English Gothic style.  The dwór is situated on a high cliff and surrounded by a picturesque landscaped park laid out in the nineteenth century. Between the wars the property extended over 2000 hectares, including 800 hectares of forest. After the war it performed the functions of a police station, a kindergarten and a school. Somianka is one of the few manors that have not been transformed into a hotel.  Pawel's  superb red 4.2 Series II E-type Jaguar Coupe brought back fond memories of classic car visits to Somianka  in the past. Official Website: This concert (the venue is a p