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'Music for Peace' Project : Hiroshima, Warsaw and Chopin - A remembrance of things past certainly but surely now is a time to browse through this post once again and deeply reflect

European Council President Charles Michel is in Japan where he's visiting the city of Hiroshima this morning (Friday May 13th) In 1945 that city suffered the first atomic bombing, and Michel used a visit to a memorial there to discuss the current state of global security. Please browse this relevant account sometime ….. the account of Chopin played on Akiko’s piano that survived the bomb (although this innocent young girl Akiko did not) is desperately moving. As I said before, a timely reminder ….. This appalling device was many times less powerful than those of today. The EU leaders and Japanese  Prime Minister Fumio Kishida  said in a joint statement released after the talks  "We remain committed to the ultimate goal of realizing a world without nuclear weapons, regardless of the current severe international situation." European Council President Charles Michel lays flowers at the cenotaph for atomic bomb victims at the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, western Japan,