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Warszawska Opera Kameralna (Warsaw Chamber Opera) - A Story of Unrequited Love

Contemplating the present disheartening turmoil at the Warszawska Opera Kameralna and my heartrending attendance at the next to last performance of Mozart's delightful confection  La Finta Semplice,  I feel that much of what I wrote five years ago concerning the turmoil of those years remains essentially relevant to the present case. I cannot remain silent and nostalgically look back to the 'golden years'. Below are links to my extensive blog entries of that period and I suggest that those who are as appalled as I am by the apparent demise of this inspirational  European artistic treasure should read with an air of nostalgia what I wrote all those years ago - essentially we have returned to a most uncertain future. Stefan Sutkowski has died. Can his creative spirit be preserved? and

The Pocket Paderewski - Interview with Michael Cathcart on ABC RN 'Books & Arts' Programme Monday February 20 2017

It may appear as if I am neglecting my internet journal and I suppose I must admit to this. There have been few outstanding concerts or opera in Warsaw since the Sokolov recital although many fascinating relays of concerts in Poland and elsewhere in Europe by the superb Polish classical station  Dwojka (Radio 2 of Polish Radio).   A description of this blog could be accurately described as 'the labours of an intermittent Hercules'. Reviews of concerts are not encouraged in Poland. A complete mystery.... Over recent weeks I have been rather preoccupied with my further attempt to master the fiendish Polish language through attendance at a course at Warsaw University.  Naturally the promotion of my most recent book in Australia has taken up a great deal of time. '...this is better than most musical biographies. Moran's portrait of his sometimes enigmatic relative has immediacy and the images of Europe between the wars are vivid.'