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KRAJ z KSIĘŻYCA. Podróże do serca Polski

KRAJ z KSIĘŻYCA. Podróże do serca PolskiWydawnictwo Czarne, Warszawa 2010r. ISBN: 978-83-7536-186-5 Now Available from the author:    The English edition is called A Country in the Moon : Travels in Search of the Heart of Poland (Granta Books, London 2009) ISBN: 978 1 84708 104 9   (Description in English) This painting on the cover of the Polish Edition above is by the Great War Polish cavalry officer and amateur artist Tomasz Kucharski. This detail from the full painting was used for the cover design. The officers are dancing a mazur. I found his wonderfully naive art forgotten in a gallery at the Teutonic Knights castle of Gniew on the banks of the Vistula. In the castle there was an exhibition of his amateur paintings mainly of cavalry manoeuvres by this Polish cavalry officer from the period of World War I. Tomasz Kucharski had a very distinguished military career as an cavalry