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Daniil Trifonov plays the Chopin Etudes Op.25 and Mozart A Major concerto K. 488 from Moscow

If you are not already watching the Tchaikovsky Competition piano section streamed on 'Paraclassics' you really must do so. Trifonov gave one of the greatest live performances of Op. 25 I have ever heard. So passionately committed to this music it was electrifying. I could trot out all the poetic cliches in the book but  what use would that be? Pathetic words signifying little. Really you must watch this although it may not be to everyone's taste - the involvement of this pianist in the extreme emotions and fiery virtuosity of Chopin's youth makes one almost uncomfortable and leaves one questioning one's own personal musical committment. Here we have a young man possessed of a unique and ardent love, nay passionate joy in this music that only  illusioned youth is capable of, unfettered by mature experience and deep reflection. I have always believed that Chopin is played best by young pianists of the same age as Chopin himself when the work was composed and po