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The astonishing Australian pianist Edward Cahill (1885-1975) - Recordings and biographical introduction courtesy of The Piano Files with Mark Ainley

Edward Cahill in recital at Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa 1955 The Piano Files with Mark Ainley The unexpected discoveries of forgotten pianists continue. I can't even recall how I stumbled across the website that the great-nephew of Australian pianist Edward Cahill (Uncle Eddie) had created but hearing the few recordings he'd shared on his site, I was transfixed. Michael Moran has done an amazing job of locating the only existing recordings of his great-uncle - five works set down in South Africa in 1955, when the pianist was already 70 years old - and the playing is not just capable and interesting, it's truly fantastic! Beautiful tone in every note, whether fortissimo or part of rapid passagework, flawless balance of voices, impeccable timing with just the right amount of stretch without distortion, and much else. Leslie Howard and Piers Lane have had complimentary things to say about his playing, and when I shared the recordings with Bolet pupil (and assistant)