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Bach, Chopin and Poland - Leipzig online Bachfest 2021 - Bach's 'Messiah'

  Bach, Chopin and Poland Bach's personal seal designed by him when appointed  Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer Why is the Bach Leipzig Festival important for Poland and the music of Fryderyk Chopin?  Bach was the composer Chopin admired above all others save Mozart. He practised  Das wohltemperierte Klavier  for two weeks before concerts of his own music rather than the pieces of his own composition he would actually play. The important polyphonic strands and counterpoint within his own music were all derived from his adoration of J.S.Bach. Bach was always chosen during his teaching as indispensable to deeper musical understanding and meaning. It is also instructive  to remember  other aspects of Bach's life and professional career were closely associated with Poland at the time. He always wished to be associated with court circles despite the small extent of some of these princely states.  Bach was appointed  Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer  in