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Royal Warrant for David Winston of the Period Piano Company

I was particularly chuffed to learn that David Winston of the Period Piano Company in Biddenden in Kent has finally been given some of the recognition as a piano restorer he so richly deserves. When concerts on original instruments are advertised the performer and instrument, perhaps also its provenance, are mentioned in glowing terms but never the restorer whose musical philosophy and painstaking work have brought the soul of the instrument from deep sleep to living inspiration. I first met David at the quite remarkable Chopin Forum  at the Royal Festival Hall in London in October 1999 held in honour of the 150th anniversary of the composer's death (17 October 1849). Some of the greatest Chopin pianists and Chopin scholars of our day discussed and played his music on Pleyel and Erard instruments supplied by David and explored Chopin's particular and unique sound world. Jim Samson discussed Chopin's Musical Style, David Winston the pianos of his time, Mitsuko Uchi