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On the Second Anniversary of the Outbreak of the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the town of Berdychiv and its legendary association with Fryderyk Chopin

  Today is the second anniversary of the eruption of yet another inhuman conflagration in Ukraine at the heart of Europe. A reminder, as if we needed it after World War II, of how little does humanity learn from history apart from the fact it repeats itself and that humanity does not learn from the past. The situation is worse now with another mindless conflagration in the Middle East. Our leaders in every country have lost moral direction and sense of truth. How I yearn for a man of Paderewski's charisma and his projection of the image of a moral beacon in the world. Rather than add to the cacophony of talking heads and the flood of 'informed opinion' that has erupted like magma from a volcano in the media this year, both movingly positive and nauseatingly negative, I post once again without apology, my own initial reflections of two years ago close to the birthday of Fryderyk Chopin. I have nothing to add apart from increasing disillusionment. That remarkable genius Steph

Felix Yaniewicz - Music and Migration in Georgian Edinburgh - A remarkable rediscovery. Review of a remarkable CD. Review of the Concert Friday 16th February 2024, Warsaw Philharmonic

I traveled to Edinburgh towards the end of June 2022 and among the many adventures and museums visited, I managed to be there for the opening of a remarkable exhibition at the Georgian House. I live in Warsaw in Poland, move in musical circles there, but had never encountered this artist. I was astounded at the discovery. [Throughout this post I have adopted the anglicized spelling of his name that  he favoured in Edinburgh   beginning with 'Y' (Yaniewicz)   rather than the Polish 'J' (Janiewicz)] I met and had a long instructive conversation with the exhibition curator Josie Dixon who assembled and wrote an excellent article on Felix Yaniewicz, her ancestor and a Polish virtuoso violinist, composer and businessman who was the catalyzing founding force behind the present, world-renowned, Edinburgh Festival.  But this was in 1815 ! Review of the Warsaw concert at the Warsaw Philharmonic, Friday 16th February  2024 at 19.30 Wrocław Baroque Orchestra NFM Andrzej Kosendiak