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Stefan Sutkowski has died - he has moved on to a finer place than this earth...

I have just heard the terribly sad news that a truly great man and Polish cultural institution, Stefan Sutkowski, has died. We shall never see his like again in the musical life of Poland... A massive cultural and creative force of great European stature who saw no limitations to his visionary outlook A complete and unique Monteverdi cycle, Handel, Purcell, Gluck, John Blow, the Mozart complete cycle of operas and stage works, Rameau and many forgotten obscure Baroque operas brought back to life Then there was huge cycle of operas from every nation in the European Union Not only opera - Mozart chamber works, complete Mozart  piano concertos,  Josef Elsner's Passion (rarely performed ) Then the first performance ever of Bach's St. Luke Passion Then the often forgotten Sutkowski Edition of published academic musical studies, notably a vast history of the Polish organ How fortunate I was to experience the gold