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For the first time, a musical expedition through the complete solo piano works of Fryderyk Chopin played on an 'Erard' instrument of 1849 by the sublime Tatiana Shebanova

 I am happy to bring to your attention that this set of recordings has been awarded this most prestigious of recording awards. It comes as no surprise to me given my almost universal detailed praise (below) when I reviewed the set three months ago.   The excellent French review can be read in 'automatic' English This journey I am taking through Chopin with the Russian pianist Tatiana Shebanova and her intimate relationship with the 1849  Erard is a truly memorable musical experience. I sincerely suggest you 'push the boat out', purchase this set and accompany me on this remarkable musical expedition, a voyage written in the mind and engraved on the soul.  A chronological portrait of Chopin is laid out before us, a landscape to relive the flowering of his genius from innocent boyhood to fraught maturity. I am a literary travel author and assure you this is one of the greatest journeys I have undertaken - not physically of