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Recent Activities

                         My 1978 David Rubio  (Duns Tew)  harpsichord  A copy of a Flemish 18th century instrument by Joannes Daniel Dulcken A sketch of me by the Italian artist Rosetta Berardi in 1980 Suanono piano... All softly playing With head to the music bent And fingers straying Upon an instrument ti ricordo!   Rosetta I have recently been completely tied up with recent activities of a definitely non-musical nature. However I have recently been doing far more harpsichord practice than usual - mainly Bach, Couperin and Scarlatti. Like many of you I expect I have been watching and listening in awe to  the extraordinarily gifted young people taking part in the Tchaikovsky Competition on I am looking forward to attending the Duszniki Zdroj International Chopin Piano Festival and also the Chopin i jego Europa ( Chopin and His Europe)