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Gala Opening of the Warsaw Chamber Opera 33rd Mozart Festival,13th May 2024, Warsaw Philharmonic Hall

Anyone familiar with my past reviews will know the deep affection I have had for  Warszawska Opera Kameralna (Warsaw Chamber Opera)   over many years and which continues with transformations of its history. This gala concert at the Warsaw Philharmonia Hall was a particularly affecting and charming event of warm-hearted devotion to Mozart.   A number of Mozart arias were sung by two outstanding soloists, the Australian soprano Jessica Pratt (just returned from  Australia performing in Mozart's The Abduction from the Seraglio )   and the Czech tenor Petr Nekoranec. The fine Period Instrument Orchestra of the Warsaw Chamber Opera (MACV), conducted by Michal Maciaszczyk, performed various overtures to Mozart operas. Here is the programme: I cannot possibly analyse each aria and overture suffice to say they were all outstanding in a cossetting atmosphere of musical love, historical range, command of style and superlative vocal and orchestral technique. A charming, well-informed commenta