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81st Anniversary in 2024 of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (geto fayerung) 19th April - 16th May 1943

And what shall we wake up to tomorrow ? The circles of irrational human brutality resume their merciless course….. Will humanity never change its self-destructive, murderous, imperial urges ? Collective narcissism of the most ruthless, paranoid and evil kind prevails Surely the grimmest of ironies today, as the pendulum of destiny swings, is that both Volodymyr  Zelenskyy and Benjamin Netanyahu are  Jewish ….. Achieving a true moral perspective during the present fraught time is not without heavy conflicting demands on the conscience ….. Just now I  cannot help reflecting on the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, living as I do where these tragic events occurred not so very long ago. I decided once again to read what I had written in my Polish book years ago about this particularly valiant and frantic moment in the tumultuous history of this miracle of a city, Warsaw. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is often confused by travellers to this country, understandably unfamiliar with Pol