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The renovation of Chopin’s last Pleyel - Piano Factory No.14810 - by the charismatic conservator Paul McNulty. Warsaw, Poland 3-12 December 2021

The last  Pleyel 14810 piano played by Fryderyk Chopin in the Fryderyk Chopin Museum Warsaw before restoration Chopin at a  Pleyel  piano. Pencil drawing by Jacob Götzenberger Paris October 1838, just after Chopin's first visit to England in 1837 From 3-12 December at the Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw we saw the renovation of a Pleyel piano 14810 from 1848. It was the last instrument that belonged to Fryderyk Chopin. Conservation work was done by Paul McNulty, the outstanding American specialist in historical pianos who courageously came to Warsaw during this ghastly pandemic. This groundbreaking event in the history of the unique instrument was available to watch by the visitors of the Museum. I attended an interview session with Paul McNulty on Thursday 9th December 2021. He said that this instrument was the best preserved  Pleyel he had ever seen. He is thrilled to be working on this historic instrument, one of the high points of his career, the 'most exciting thing I ha