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Young Chopin in Warsaw (Episode 1)

You may like to wander the streets of Warsaw with me in the footsteps of young Chopin before he left Poland on 2 November 1830 never to return

Bach Festival Leipzig June 14 - June 23 2019 'Bach, Court Composer'

Bach, Court Composer

My reviews of concerts in the 2019 Leipzig Bach Festival are available at:

Why is the Bach Leipzig Festival important for Poland and Chopin? 

Quite apart from the Bach being a composer Chopin admired above all others save Mozart, it is instructive to remember other aspects of Bach's life were closely associated with Poland at the time. He always wished to be associated with court circles despite the small extent of some of these princely states. 

Bach was appointed Royal Polish and Electoral Saxon Court Composer in 1736. The Elector Frederick Augustus II / Augustus III King of Poland was a great patron of the arts, a devout Catholic and music-lover. Bach dedicated the Kyrie and Gloria of the B minor Mass to him.

STANISŁAW MONIUSZKO - THE 200TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS OF and the opening of The 10th International Stanisław Moniuszko Vocal Competition , Warsaw

This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Stanisław Moniuszko (1819-1872), the greatest operatic composer in nineteenth century Poland. There are musical celebrations throughout country and the resuscitation of his long forgotten works in performance. The seemingly impossible dream of the independence of the country as a sovereign nation and accession to the European Union means that at last what one might term the 'Cultural Iron Curtain' has been split apart to reveal formerly unknown artistic treasures of this valiant nation to the wider European continent. In no domain has this been more obvious than in music, but also in art, architecture, theatre and literature. The Polish language does present a difficult barrier in a way that English, French and Italian do not in the West. This remark does not assume a forest of undiscovered composers of genius, but certainly many of enormous talent and significant musical gifts to augment the European musical canon. 
The princi…