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A Dream of Armageddon - A highly topical and relevant new opera by Dai Fujikura based on a visionary short story by H.G.Wells

  You may wonder why on this site I am posting notice of a quite extraordinary new opera in Japan.  It is to do with the close association of the annual  Chopin i Jego Europa Festival  in Warsaw, Chopin, Akiko's Piano and the concerto written for it by the gifted composer of this opera,  Dai Fujikura.  The libretto is based on a science fiction short story entitled  A Dream of Armageddon (1901) ,  conceived  before  both World Wars, by the English author H.G.Wells - a visionary writer who largely 'invented' the modern world H.G.Wells (1866-1946) Opera A Dream of Armageddon New Production - World Premiere Music by Dai FUJIKURA  Opera in 9 Scenes It seems singularly appropriate to present such a profound operatic conception at this time of a deadly pandemic, the general political moves towards populism, right-wing authoritarianism and the threats  posed  by the general breakdown of hallowed democratic institutions in so many countries  During the 2019  Chopin i jego Europa Fe