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A Visit to the Paderewski Piano Academy Bydgoszcz, Poland, during the weekend of August 11-12 2018

I was recently privileged to be invited to attend the final concert in the final week of the first course of the Paderewski Piano Academy in Bydgoszcz in Poland. Readers of my reviews will know in the past I have covered two Paderewski Piano Competitions in detail in this city.  In short these academy courses train young pianists to play concertos with orchestra. In this case the indefatigable  Toruńska Orkiestra Symfoniczna (Toru ń  Symphony Orchestra). Their dedication to this extraordinary task of work is second to none.  It is a vital training for young pianists. Professional concert careers can now only be constructed with impressive concertos included in the repertoire of any young pianist. Competition is that strong. Solo recitals are no longer sufficient for building a concert career.  These courses are the only ones in the world offering such a specific disciplined training with eminent professors of music. I attended two final concerts in two different but