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The Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea

Young Girl from the Trobriand Islands during milamala time I was rather pleasantly surprised to read an article about the exotic Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea yesterday with some superb photographs.  It brought back so many wonderful even joyful memories of the many months I spent exploring the beautiful and peaceful Islands Provinces of the Papua New Guinea in order to write my book entitled: Beyond the Coral Sea: Travels in the Old Empires of the South-West Pacific (HarperCollins London 2003) The great Polish ethnologist Bronislaw Malinowski studied these islanders and inspired me with his superbly written book  The Sexual life of Savages. H e is   one of the great geniuses of modern times and scarcely mentioned these days.  If you are interested in further reading on the Trobriand Islands my book covers this fascinating region in great cultural detail.  The island provinces are a true paradise, seldom visited owing to the unfortunate prejudic