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Nicolas Angelich (14 December 1970 - 18 April 2022) - Such a great artistic, musical and pianistic loss .....

Nicolas Angelich (14 December 1970 - 18 April 2022 )  (Photo: Jean-Baptiste Millot) Such a pitch black third week of April 2022 as the grim reaper gathered on the dark banks of the Styx the great musical artists  Radu Lupu, Nicolas Angelich and Harrison Birtwistle. I can only offer my review of Angelich playing Brahms as part of the Chopin i jego Europa F estival (Chopin and his Europe) 2012. Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) 25 August 2012 - Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall - 19.00 Brahms Piano Concerto No.1 in D minor Op. 15 Nicholas Angelich (piano)  Sinfonia Varsovia - Jacek Kaspszyk What an embarrassment of Brahmsian riches - two of the greatest piano concertos ever written on the same evening performed by exceptional pianists. The Brahms House in Baden Baden visited on my recent research trip for a book I am engaged upon. It is the only original dwelling that survives associated with the composer. During her concert tours Clara Schumann discovered this beautiful resort and her presence

Concert Attendance and Reviews Suspended

Ruins of the Mariupol Theatre, Ukraine after the deadly strike. Associated Press (AP) now estimate some 600 people died there when it was bombed (Reuters) Ruins of the 'House of Culture', Izyum, Donbas Region, Ukraine after missile strikes Inside the Mariupol Theatre, Ukraine after the deadly strike (Reuters) Depression with the human suffering and cultural losses in Ukraine continue unabated. Unfortunately I have also had Covid-19 for a couple of weeks (remember the pandemic?) and have not been able to attend concerts and write reviews since the extraordinary Actus Humanus Festival in Gdańsk this April. Inside the extraordinary (restored after WW II destruction)  Dwór Artusa,   Gdańsk where many of the  Actus Humanus Festival concerts take place. Let us hope the Italian offer to restore the Mariupol Theatre is taken up after this senseless Ukrainian conflagration ceases - but they cannot restore tragically and senselessly murdered lives * * * * * * * * * * Musical cu