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Poland - Now Six Major Ways in which the country has changed since my first encounter in early 1992

Now 6 Major Ways Poland Has Changed Summary of the blog from The Guardian  12th December 2023  (Lili Bayer) Donald Tusk (Arab News)   A New Government for Poland  Quite a Change ! From The Guardian blog 12th December 2023 - Lili Bayer in Brussels Speaking in the Polish parliament this morning, incoming prime minister Donald Tusk said the October election “will go down in history as the day of peaceful rebellion for freedom and democracy” . In his speech, Tusk spoke out against xenophobia and said “we can protect the Polish and European border and be human at the same time” . The incoming prime minister also said “we will demand full mobilisation of the west to help Ukraine” but noted that “we must remain assertive when it comes to the interests of, among others, Polish farmers”. Tusk presented his ministers, which include the well-known former ombudsman Adam Bodnar as minister of justice. RadosÅ‚aw Sikorski is to return as foreign minister. He also emphasised his goal of making