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Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea

 Click on photographs to enlarge - far superior Joyful children saying good-bye to me on the Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea At the opening ceremony of a General Store on the remote island of Tsoi, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea  You know there is an entire other side to my nature that never gets an airing living in Europe what with my serious writing and covering all these classical music festivals and competitions. That of the adventurer and explorer of remote destinations. How domesticated I have become! I was looking by internet chance recently at the marvellous pictures of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visiting the Solomon Islands in Melanesia some years ago. These snaps have put me in a state of frightful and aching nostalgia for my own youth spent wandering the islands of the South Pacific. I wrote a literary travel book about the island provinces of Papua New Guinea which was well received everywhere - even by the Prince of Wales who wrote to me.