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Krystian Zimerman Recital - 12 June 2019 - Berlin

                                                Krystian Zimerman - Debussy: Preludes (excerpt)  © DG It was the greatest good fortune that the distinguished artist Krystian Zimerman was giving a recital in Berlin on the evening of June 12 just a couple of days before I set off for the astounding Bach Festival in Leipzig. I decided with great excitement to attend as he seldom comes to Poland to give recitals for various reasons. I feel this world famous pianist, regarded at the highest level everywhere, requires little introduction. It was one of those recitals where little or nothing needs to be said at the conclusion, a sign of true greatness to my mind. He opened his recital (on his own superb, I felt especially tuned, Steinway piano) with the Brahms Sonata No 3 in F minor  Op.5. Brahms composed this mighty sonata when he was barely 20 and when the sonata form itself was considered rather an outmoded. Of course Brahms idolized Beethoven and the personal expressiveness of hi