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A rare moment for Uncle Eddie

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London 1934. Edward Cahill seated in the front row on the left of Princess Alice at a private Mayfair piano recital at the home of the Dowager Lady Swaythling

Edward Cahill (1885-1975) at the piano in London at the Queen's Hall 1935

He was featured in the Prologue of my literary travel book on Poland. I have promoted the Polish edition of my book at a number of venues around Poland since I returned from South Africa. In Lodz, Krakow and at the Warsaw International Book Fair.

The most remarkable event however was on June 1 at the Chopin Institute in Tamka Street Warsaw in the Conference Room of the New Museum building. I was to formally present the surviving private recordings of Edward Cahill, my great-uncle and the brilliant but forgotten Australian concert pianist. The promotion was moderated by the former Director of the Chopin Institute And…

Researches into Edward Cahill in Cape Town

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Leica D-Lux 4