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Liszt in Weimar

 Click on pictures to enlarge (Leica D-Lux 4) Detail of the Bechstein piano belonging to Ferenc Liszt at the Liszt Museum, Weimar For the past three weeks I have been wandering the shores of Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) in Switzerland researching the wartime years (1938-1946) of the forgotten Australian pianist Edward Cahill. I drove as usual from Warsaw and in the round trip covered some 3,500 kms. However I will not describe this fascinating journey immediately as I wish to deal at first with Ferenc Liszt. As it is the Liszt year (the 200th anniversary of his birth) I decided to return via Bayreuth and Weimar as a small pilgrimage to celebrate this great pianist and composer. Bayreuth The Franz Liszt Museum in Bayreuth is very close to Richard Wagner's Haus Wahnfried which will be closed for refurbishment for some years. I have visited both museums in the past (the Liszt shortly after it opened in 1993) and it is a very moving and interesting experience despite