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Canonization of Pope John Paul II - An Outsider's View from Poland

Here where I live in Poland there is a  intense  renewal of  the public expression of love and devotion to this great Polish religious figure, one of the rare world famous Polish historic beings apart from Fryderyk Chopin, Ignacy Paderewski, Madame Curie and possibly General Sikorski.  Large television screens have been set up in squares in the cities throughout the country where people have come together to watch the unprecedented simultaneous canonization of these two popes in Rome, Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II. This unique ceremony performed by the equally unprecedented presence of two living Popes, Pope Francis and the Emeritus Pope Benedict.  Here i n Warsaw i nstead of a number of cliched, no doubt platidudinous observations on my part after standing in the misty damp among crowds of an early spring morning, I will let Pope Francis speak in superior words of great simplicity pregnant with meaning which expresses the predominant feeling among the crowds in Pilsudsk

ANZAC Day Service in Warsaw, Poland - 99th Anniversary Service - 25th April 2014

Click on photographs to enlarge - superior rendition (Leica) Polish Guard at the beginning of the ANZAC Service. Note the iconic Polish sabre held aloft Many Australians would find it surprising perhaps to discover that an Anzac Day Service has taken place here in Warsaw for some years. It is normally held in Pilsudski Square (Plac Pilsudskiego) at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at 11.00am. The beautiful Saxon Gardens Warsaw in Spring I have always felt that the broad notion of 'allies betrayed' has bound Poles, Australians and New Zealanders together in spirit however complex and many-sided the actual historical truth. The three nationalities, allies in war but apparently so different, share a love of risk, a healthy disdain for authority, a sense of comradeship and committed emotional sentiment in many campaigns of war which required formidable heroism against impossible odds. In fact during World War II Poles, Australians and New Zealanders fought sid

Indulging my other passion...

Cockpit of a 1924 Bugatti Type 35 In case you think I have gone quiet for a serious reason, you might like to click on this link where I have been indulging my other passion - classic car racing. Toodle pip!