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'Wings of Glory' Historical Air Picnic, Saturday 13th September 2014, Sobienie-Jezioro, Poland

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75th Anniversary of the Invasion of Poland, September 1st 1944

Remembering the War...the noble face of a former member of the Carpathian Brigade Well might the Prime Minster of Poland Mr. Donald Tusk warn Europe today in Gdansk against 'naive optimism' when considering the inflammable situation in Ukraine. Poland has much to remember and betrayals aplenty.  As a small gesture of solidarity I thought I might post a small extract from my book on Poland concerning my own visit to historic Gdansk many years ago - a foreign traveller's view. The scream of seagulls next to my ear woke me from a deep sleep like an attempted murder. I sat up violently and struck my head on the low attic ceiling. As Gdańsk is situated on the Amber Road , I thought it appropriate to stay at the Hotel Jantar ( Amber Hotel ) on the Długi Targ (Long Market) among the magnificently restored Renaissance and Baroque burgher houses. Exuberant strapwork, scrolls, swags of fruit, antelopes and bears in flight, drums and cannon and scenes of classical comb