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Papua New Guinea - The Present Violence

You may have come across this story this morning (9th June 2016) the content of which I found deeply shocking although unsurprising in view of my studies and travels there.

It seems Papua New Guinea - well, Port Moresby anyway - has become very dangerous indeed. Although warned from all quarters against doing so, I wandered this city many times chatting to friendly locals entirely without fear. No, not at night..

I must say I really did not find PNG 'dangerous' at all - quite the opposite in the Island Provinces - but then I travelled there many years ago. 

I am sure the media reports are accurate but by their very nature unfortunately give a greatly distorted and myopic view of the country as a whole. It is a picture greatly at variance with  the majority of warm, hospitable and friendly Papua New Guineans I met on my extensive travels. Melanesian…