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10th International Paderewski Piano Competition November 6th -20th, 2016 Bydgoszcz, Poland

For the 10th International Paderewski Piano Competition 
6th-20th November 2016 
Bydgoszcz, Poland
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All Saints Day in Poland - 1 November 2016 - A Triumph of Humanity - A Memory Recalled

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I am sure many of you who read this post each year wonder why I cannot say something different as the years pass. I feel I have said all I can say below. Nothing has changed in my sentiments and profound respect for this national institution of commemoration of the departed. I remain in awe of it.

Except that yes, this morning, October 29th 2016, I went with 'Zosia' once again to clean the grave of autumn leaves, expired candles and withered wreaths. We placed a new set of candles and fresh wreaths on the grave which inevitably now contains the aunt herself, her husband and her mother. 

The flower arrangements and wreaths one can buy for this day in numerous stalls and shops beside the cemetery  show the greatest sensitivity, imagination and artistry. A book should be written about these talented people and how they manage this triumph.

[Polish translation of this passage in green below - scroll down]

‘Will you come with me t…