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Warsaw Rising - August 1st 1944 - 1700 hours 73rd Anniversary

I am a little pressed for time as I am heading towards the creative delights of the Duszniki Zdroj International Chopin Piano Festival (rather than remembering destructive horrors) but this uprising must never be forgotten. See post below this.
Extract from Chapter 4  Warsaw the Phoenix  from A Country in the Moon: Travels in Search of the Heart of Poland  by Michael Moran (London 2009)

English version      (Version in Polish is below in green)

Abandoned by the Allies in thrall Stalin, the effort was valiant but hopeless. Essentially the Warsaw Rising of August 1944 was fought against the SS and the Wehrmacht by the Army in blazing buildings, cataracts of rubble and stinking sewers by adult, youth and child. For two months a kilometer-high pall of smoke and fire lay over the city.
John Ward, a British airman and Times correspondent during the Uprising wrote in August 1944:
'Today the battle is going on in Warsaw That is very difficult for the British nation understand it. It is a battl…

72nd. International Chopin Piano Festival 4-12 August 2017, Duszniki Zdroj, Poland

A reproduction of a fragment of a picture depicting Chopin painted by Ludomir Sleńdziński (1951?)

Welcome to the 72nd International Chopin Festival at the lovely Polish town of Duszniki Zdrój, a charming spa in Silesia on the mountainous Czech-Polish border not far from Wrocław.

In this 72nd year of the festival, the artistic director Piotr Paleczny (his 25th anniversary in this position) has assembled a quite remarkable array of famous, musically outstanding and charismatic pianists, many of them prize-winners in international competitions. Most of the greatest pianists playing on the international stage today have appeared at Duszniki Zdroj, many at the very beginnings of their pianistic careers or shortly after winning major international competitions.
72nd. Duszniki International Chopin Piano Festival4 August
Friday20.00Inauguration recital Nelson FreireNotickets5 August