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53rd Nohant Chopin Festival - 'Chopin and the Romantic Exile' - Reviews of recitals from 17th July - 24 July 2019

I had read books, correspondence and seen many films dealing with the highly creative romantic relationship between the great French writer and polemicist George Sand and the composer Fyrderyk Chopin at Nohant-Vic in the Berry region of central France. He wrote many of his immortal pieces there. I felt I must make the effort to attend at least once, despite the rather complex journey from Warsaw.  Sand adored Nature, her beautiful maison and the entire Berry region, in particular the charming and picturesque nearby town of  La Ch√Ętre. For many music lovers (even obsessives), the works of Chopin have rather eclipsed the extraordinary position George Sand occupied in the France of the day. She was an exceptionally prolific writer, polemicist and political activist - in addition possessed of an extraordinary insight into human romantic psychology with an incisive sense of humour and esprit. Click on photographs to enlarge - far superior rendition Le maison de George Sand