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'Use Well the Interval' of the Covid Pandemic - short entertaining and instructive video talks made by the Maestro of the historical clarinet, Lorenzo Coppola

I found these videos highly entertaining and deeply instructive 'lectures' as to what theatre and drama lies beneath some Haydn piano sonatas - if we perceive and truly penetrate the music! Not just pianistic dots on the page! This is how to generate enthusiasm for classical music in the minds of imaginative young students! It is given by the great Maestro of the historical clarinet Lorenzo Coppola. Cristina Esclapez plays the piano. I attended and reviewed a wonderful concert that Ensemble Dialoghi gave as part of the 2020 Chopin i jego Europa Festival in Warsaw. I also chatted at length with Lorenzo about how imperative it is to go one dimension deeper with this marvelously associative and operatic music of affectation and conversational communicative gesture in the music of the eighteenth century and baroque. Context, context and again context.... These videos are truly a revelation of what is behind the scenes! Video 1. Classical style: Opera with and without words | HAYDN

20th Anniversary of the Foundation of the National Fryderyk Chopin Institute - February 3rd 2001 - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday National Fryderyk Chopin Institute ! The National Fryderyk Chopin Institute is dedicated to preserving the legacy of  Chopin and the values ​​ associated with him. The rich and multi-faceted activities of the  NIFC over  two decades includes, among other activities sixteen editions of the "Chopin and his Europe Festival ,  thanks to which Warsaw has been visited by dozens of outstanding artists such as Martha  Argerich, M aria  João Pires,  the late Frans Brüggen, Daniil Trifonov, Alexander Melnikov, Fabio Biondi and countless others of distinguished international reputation. You will find many detailed reviews of these festivals on this blog. As part of the publishing house run by the NIFC ( books,  exclusive facsimile publications, e-books, audiobooks, mobile applications and  scientific journals printed and online)  165 CDs have been published in 11 series. The phonographic activity of