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All Saints Day in Poland - 1 November 2023 - A Triumph of Humanity to be considered in the face of the murderous present - A Memory Recalled in a Time of Great Danger

This is a particularly significant, symbolic and resonant All Saints Day and All Souls Day, recumbent in the shadow of war. I have found it so difficult to sleep in recent weeks and particularly last night. The knowledge of terrible statistics, the details of the depraved way of death (some 10,300 Palestinians killed) throw me into despair. Death and injury is barbarously forced upon thousands of blameless children in Gaza  (some 4,324 killed and over 32,000 injured at the time of this entry).  This situation  has thrown me into complete mental confusion, horror and repugnance. The repetition of hatreds I thought had gone forever break like a wave once more over us. The sanguinary, remorseless terrorism in the world today and the terrible echoes of past racist atrocities, especially where I live in Poland, have returned with a monstrous vengeance threatening to engulf us all. Respect for human life seems to have vanished if it ever genuinely existed examining history... I feel profound