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The 2019 Rubinstein Festival recalled in memory 2024 - To honour the anniversary of the highly cultured and legendary Arthur Rubinstein born in Łódź, Poland on 28th January 1887

I attended the 2019 festival for only the last two days. How I regret not coming for the entire unique event! Considering the world eminence of the pianist and his absolute preeminence in his matchless interpretation of the music of Chopin, the neglect of this festival is scarcely understandable. This impressive event and the concurrent events and exhibitions in Łódź associated with it is held every two years. It has been single-handedly, imaginatively and indefatigably assembled since its inception by the Festival Director Mr. Wojciech Grochowalski. The event is held under the auspices of the organizer, the Culture and Business Foundation in co-operation with the Arthur Rubinstein International Music Foundation. Introductory remarks on the evening were given by the host and Polish Radio presenter, and musicologist Adam Rozlach.  Official Website for the Rubinstein Festival 2024,27    (English),31     (Pol

79th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau - 27th January 1945

   Click on photographs to enlarge for a superior image  A picture taken in January 1945 depicts the gate and railway of Auschwitz-Birkenau after the camp's liberation by Soviet troops.  ( AFP via Getty Images)                                                                                                                    [Friends of Zion Museum] Approaching Auschwitz on the Ferry in 1992 Winter sunset at Auschwitz 1992 Crematorium remains at Birkenau, Winter  1992 Zyklon B crystals Majdanek Camp Museum 1992 Jewish Cemetery at Lesko, south-east Poland The compression of time into an instant image Birkenau - the terrible 'Little Wood' A Note on the 'Little Wood' in this photograph Behind the main Birkenau camp there were two more crematoria, Krems IV and V.  They were considerably smaller than II, and III but were still of sufficient size to kill many people each day.  The area was cordoned off with barbed wire. Branches of leaves were woven thickly into the wire t

The 'Contrarious Moods of Men' - Review of the CD 'Female Power' by the Polish pianist Anna Lipiak

Anna Lipiak Yes, the 2024 Grammy Awards were dominated by charismatic female stars and songwriters of popular music. Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish... Why do I mention them on a classical music post ? The few acknowledged female composers of 'classical' music were rather more powerful in the days before social media but now they remain willfully neglected or forgotten by the 'serious' music establishment. Modern female pianists are similarly discriminated against. Time for a change and rehabilitation! Music is a universal magic dust after all .... ' Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.' Victor Hugo My interest and fascination with female composers first began when I visited Sanssouci Palace (1745-1747) in Potsdam some years ago while researching the biography of Edward Cahill (1885-1975), a glamorous but neglected Australian concert pianist. During his concert career between the