Edward Cahill and the Chappell Concert Grand Concerts in London 1925

I have neglected this blog terribly but I am overwhelmed with reading, researching and writing my work on the increasingly remarkable story of the Australian pianist Edward Cahill. I have also neglected my own piano and harpsichord practice which is worse. I manage to get to the gym three or four times a week but maintaining mens sana in copore sano is so time consuming but vital.

I came across this clipping from a London newspaper published sometime in 1925 (precise date missing). The Chappell concert grand piano was a highly respected English instrument of the period and the company arranged a series of concerts with famous pianists in popular venues using their instruments. Edward Cahill was one of the chosen pianists. Certainly he kept company with some of the finest pianists of the period and it says a great deal about his remarkable playing. For me it confirms once more the importance of this lost and forgotten talent and his remarkable life history.

For new visitors to this blog there are many other postings to occupy you concerning Edward Cahill and relating to my ongoing researches and explorations.


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