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Johann Sebastian Bach - Mass in B minor - Warsaw 17 January 2020


Jubilee Concert in Warsaw to celebrate the 90th Birthday of the great Polish operatic soprano Teresa Żylis-Gara 26/01/2020

One of the greatest opera singers at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries Her unsurpassed lyrical soprano with a captivating color and dramatic possibilities delights both listeners of concert halls and the audience of opera theaters around the world. She was born in Landwarów near Vilnius. She studied at the Łódź conservatory with prof. Olga Olgina. She won her first laurels by winning the Intercollegiate Singers Competition in Warsaw in 1953. In the years 1954–1955 she was involved as a soloist of the State Philharmonic in Krakow. She made her debut on the opera stage at the Krakow Opera, creating the main role in the opera Halka by Stanisław Moniuszko. The breakthrough in her career was brought by the artist's prize at the Bavarian Radio International Vocal Competition in Munich. Soon after this success, she became a soloist in the opera theater in Oberhausen, and then in Dortmund. Already as a primadonna she was associated with one of the best German scenes - Deutsches Oper am…

27 July 1945 - 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz

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[Behind the main Birkenau camp there were two more crematoria, Krems IV and V. They were considerably smaller than II, and III but were still of sufficient size to kill many people each day. 
The area was cordoned off with barbed wire. Branches of leaves were woven thickly into the wire to deaden noises and shield the crematoria and gas chambers from view. The first view is of the path leading to Krematorium V that began operations on April 4, 1943. It had a cremation capacity of 768 corpses in a 24-hour period. The ruins of the structure are at the end of a path. People were either brought here by truck or were forced to walk about a mile to what has become known as 'The Little Wood'.]
On this day you may wish to read my description of and reflections on a rather gruelling and bleak visit to Auschwitz/Birkenau in the early 1990s (before it was sanitized as a tourist attraction modern times) from my literary travel book on Pol…