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16th.Chopin and His Europe Festival (Chopin i jego Europa) 15-31 August 2020, Warsaw, Poland

Planning for 2020 ‘Chopin and 

His Europe’ Festival moves ahead

To our friends around the world: This year’s ‘Chopin and his Europe’ Festival has been reconfigured in a way we hope will allow it to go forward. We are happy to announce that, despite the difficult circumstances around the globe, we have managed to retain most of the planned concerts, and we even have some new ones in store.  We are currently working on seating in the halls, keeping in constant contact with venue hosts and the appropriate authorities, and we believe that with each passing day and week, the outlook is becoming more and more favourable. Yet, as the situation may change dynamically, we ask for your kind understanding should we be forced to introduce changes to the programme at a later date. We also appreciate the patience of those who would like to attend our concerts in person: ticket sales for concerts scheduled for 15–23 August will start at noon 1 August, and on 14 August for concerts scheduled for 24–31 Aug…

75th Duszniki Zdrój International Chopin Festival. 7-15 August 2020

SUNDAY, 9 AUGUST CHOPIN MANOR 4:00 TYMOTEUSZ BIES  I must say at the outset that I am astonished at the ambition and keyboard command of these promising young pianists who have the temerity to tackle such demanding works as appear on this programme. Opening a recital with such a demanding piece as the Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie in A flat major Op. 61 (1845–46) I felt was rather ambitious. This work contained all the troubled emotion and desire for strength in the face of the multiple adversities that beset the composer at this late stage in his life. This work, the first in the so-called ‘late style’ of the composer, was written during a period of great suffering and unhappiness. He laboured over its composition. What emerged is one of his most complex of his works both pianistically and emotionally. Chopin produced many sketches for the Polonaise-Fantaisie and wrestled with the title. He had written: ‘I’d like to finish something that I don’t yet know what to call’. This uncertainty i…