XVIII International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition - Preliminary Round - 12-23 July 2021


The salon of Princess Teresa and Prince Maksymilian Jabłonowski where musical evenings were held 
(National Museum, Warsaw)

The Preliminary Round of the 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw starts on Monday 12 to 23 July. Nearly 160 pianists from all over the world will compete in the Chamber Hall of the Polish National Philharmonic to win their place among the 80 participants of the Chopin Competition.

Postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 18th Chopin Competition will be held from 2 to 23 October.

The jury of the Competition Preliminaries are Lyudmil Angelov, Philippe Giusiano, Alberto Nosé, Piotr Paleczny, Ewa Pobłocka, Katarzyna Popowa-Zydroń, John Rink, Marta Sosińska-Janczewska, Wojciech Świtała, Stefan Wojtas, and Dina Yoffe.

Audition Schedule for the Preliminary Round.

All the auditions will be streamed online in the Chopin Competition mobile app available from AppStore (iOS and Google Play Android), on the Chopin2020.pl website (Multimedia tab), on YouTube channel Chopin Institute, and on Smart TV app for Samsung television sets.

For unavoidable personal reasons I will not be reviewing pianists in this Preliminary Round of the Competition although I hope to do so in a detailed manner 2-23rd October 2021

To watch a Morning or Afternoon Session live or recorded rebroadcast, I recommend  choosing the relevant the Chopin Institute Youtube link

You may find it interesting to browse this National Chopin Institute news site

Other online transmission information : 

87 pianists qualified to the 18th Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition!

The number of pianists qualified to the main competition by the Jury of the Preliminary includes 22 Chinese, 16 Polish, 14 Japanese, 7 South Korean, 6 Italian piano players as well as pianists from Armenia, Canada, Chinese Taipei, Cuba, Latvia, Russia, Thailand, USA, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

Twice postponed due to the pandemic, the Preliminary of the Chopin Competition was held from 12 to 23 July 2021 in the Chamber Hall of the Warsaw Philharmonic.

More than 500 pianists from all over the world applied to the musical tournament and submitted their recordings. Of their number, 164 were admitted to the Preliminary. Finally, 151 pianists have taken part in the Preliminary, and presented programmes specified in the Rules and Regulations of the Competition to the members of the jury and to the Warsaw audience.

The list of participants qualified by the Jury of the Preliminary:

  1. Leonora Armellini, Italy
  2. J J Jun Li Bui, Canada
  3. Michelle Candotti, Italy
  4. Kai-Min Chang, Chinese Taipei
  5. Junhui Chen, China
  6. Xuehong Chen, China
  7. Zixi Chen, China
  8. Hyounglok Choi, South Korea
  9. Federico Gad Crema, Italy
  10. Aleksandra H. Dąbek, Poland
  11. Alberto Ferro, Italy
  12. Yasuko Furumi, Japan
  13. Alexander Gadjiev, Italy/Slovenia
  14. Martin Garcia Garcia, Spain
  15. Eva Gevorgyan, Russia/Armenia
  16. Jorge Gonzalez Buajasan, Cuba
  17. Joanna Goranko, Poland
  18. Chelsea Guo, U.S.A.
  19. Eric Guo, Canada
  20. Saaya Hara, Japan
  21. Yifan Hou, China
  22. Wei-Ting Hsieh, Chinese Taipei
  23. Kaoruko Igarashi, Japan
  24. Riko Imai, Japan
  25. Junichi Ito, Japan
  26. Asaki Iwai, Japan
  27. San Jittakarn, Thailand
  28. Jooyeon Ka, South Korea
  29. Nikolay Khozyainov, Russia
  30. Su Yeon Kim, South Korea
  31. Aimi Kobayashi, Japan
  32. Mateusz Krzyżowski, Poland
  33. Jakub Kuszlik, Poland
  34. Shushi Kyomasu, Japan
  35. Hyuk Lee, South Korea
  36. Jaeyoon Lee, South Korea
  37. Xiaoxuan Li, China
  38. Bruce (Xiaoyu) Liu, Canada
  39. Julia Łozowska, Poland
  40. Xuanyi Mao, China
  41. Tomasz Marut, Poland
  42. Yupeng Mei, China
  43. Arsenii Mun, Russia
  44. Viet Trung Nguyen, Vietnam/Poland
  45. Georgijs Osokins, Latvia
  46. Jinhyung Park, South Korea
  47. Yeon-Min Park, South Korea
  48. Jiana Peng, China
  49. Leonardo Pierdomenico, Italy
  50. Zuzanna Pietrzak, Poland
  51. Hao Rao, China
  52. Yangyang Ruan, China
  53. Sohgo Sawada, Japan
  54. Aristo Sham, China, Hong Kong
  55. Miyu Shindo, Japan
  56. Talon Smith, U.S.A.
  57. Kyohei Sorita, Japan
  58. Szuyu Su, Chinese Taipei
  59. Hayato Sumino, Japan
  60. Aleksandra Świgut, Poland
  61. Rikono Takeda, Japan
  62. Shun Shun Tie, China
  63. Sarah Tuan, U.S.A.
  64. Chao Wang, China
  65. Zitong Wang, China
  66. Zijian Wei, China
  67. Marcin Wieczorek, Poland
  68. Andrzej Wierciński, Poland
  69. Victoria Wong, Canada
  70. Yuchong Wu, China
  71. Lingfei (Stephan) Xie, Canada/China
  72. Zi Xu, China
  73. Yuanfan Yang, United Kingdom
  74. Anastasia Yasko, Russia
  75. Andrey Zenin, Russia
  76. Boao Zhang, China
  77. Yilan Zhao, China
  78. Ziji Zhao, China

Additionally, nine pianists have qualified to the Chopin Competition bypassing the Preliminary by winning major piano competitions:

  1. Piotr Alexewicz, Poland (1 award, All Polish Piano Competition 2020, Warsaw)
  2. Avery Gagliano, U.S.A. (1 award, Miami 2020)
  3. Adam Kałduński, Poland (1 award, Beijing 2019 and 2 award All Polish Piano Competition 2020, Warsaw)
  4. Szymon Nehring, Poland (2 award, Tel-Aviv, 2017)
  5. Evren Ozel, U.S.A. (2 award, Miami 2020)
  6. Kamil Pacholec, Poland (2 award, Bydgoszcz, 2019)
  7. Piotr Pawlak, Poland (1 award, Darmstadt 2017 and 2 award All Polish Competition, Warsaw 2020)
  8. Yutong Sun, China (2 award, Santander 2018)
  9. Tomoharu Ushida, Japan (2 award, Hamamatsu 2018)

The Polish Chopin Institute, organiser of the Chopin Competition, informs that this year’s preliminary has enjoyed record popularity among music lovers and web surfers. Despite the pandemic, the tickets to nearly all the auditions of the Preliminary sold out long ago, while the online transmissions boast more than 4 million views so far. People from all over the world have accompanied the contenders online, and have watched the videos for over 700,000 hours, which corresponds to nearly 80 years of continuous watching.

The official inauguration of the Chopin Competition is slated for 2 October and will take place at the Warsaw Philharmonic Hall. The auditions will commence on 3 and end on 20 October. The crowning of the event will be the Grand Awards Gala with a concert by the winners, which will take place on 21 October at the Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera. The winner of the competition will receive the Gold Medal  and the First Prize of €40,000.


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