The Bristol 400 Motorcar - My brief experience of this superlative machine

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Christopher Balfour's Bristol 400 in Davos Switzerland in the 1960s


If any of my readers share my passion for classic cars (rare enough I think) and Bristols in particular do click on something I wrote about my brief one year experience of owning one of these great machines while at university in Sydney Australia in 1966. I came across this amusing and terribly nostalgic essay concerning my youth quite by chance.

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This link is to the story now on a cloud, originally on a website set up by the peerless Ashley James in the UK who restored a Bristol 400 to perfection. 

His brilliant technical and advice website concerning his long history and restoration of the magnificent Bentley Mk VI model, his restoration of an Austin-Healey Mk III and many fascinating articles from fellow enthusiasts are also available. Well worth reading whatever classic car you own or are planning to own. Excellent objective advice that removes the rose-tinted spectacles we are all prone to wearing.

As he puts it: 

This is a website created to provide classic and vintage car enthusiasts with genuinely useful information.

I have recently been reading with the greatest pleasure the well written, quite wonderful and meticulously researched  Bristol Cars: A Very British Story by Christopher Balfour (Haynes 2009). Highly recommended. 

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